CONVO Podcast

The Women’s Center is pleased to continue our podcast under a new name, CONVO, which shares topics presented at one of our regular support groups: Wednesday Workshop. Led by our advocates, each episode shares strategies to heal and move beyond the trauma inflicted by domestic and sexual violence. While initially geared towards survivors, these sessions share helpful insights for service providers and community members, and all are invited to listen. CONVO stands for Creating Opportunities for Non-Violent Outcomes, and is a resource hub for violence prevention. Follow CONVO on Instagram at @convo_twc!


Podcast Episodes 

How to Set Boundaries

Boundaries are guidelines, rules, and limits that we set to identify what are reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for others to behave around us, as well as how we respond when someone steps over those limits. Have you felt like your boundaries have been crossed...

Safety Planning in Relationships

Safety planning is a personalized, practical plan that addresses ways to stay safe whether you're in an abusive relationship, planning to leave that relationship, or after leaving. Join us in learning ways to identify pathways to safety and peace. Resources Safety...

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