Wednesday Workshop

Tune in to Season 3 of our Wednesday Workshop Podcast below! Led by our Advocates, each episode shares strategies to heal and move beyond the trauma inflicted by domestic and sexual violence.

While initially geared towards survivors, these sessions share helpful insights for service providers and community members, and all are invited to listen.


Upcoming Episodes:

  • April 21: Breaking the Silence and Telling Your Story
  • May 5: Self Worth & Motivation

  • May 19: Stigma of Disclosure: Trauma, Mental Illness, & Support

  • June 2: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in the LGBTQ+ Community

  • June 16: Identity After Abuse: “Who Am I?”

Podcast Episodes 

Self Care & Emotional Safety Planning

As survivors, taking care of ourselves and re-learning what safety is for us is a crucial part of healing.​ Few common threads exist between survivors, but the need to practice self care and emotional safety are two of them. Now more than ever, we can look to add to...

Ways in Which We Cope

What is coping? This might be something that you're familiar with, have heard us talk about on prior podcasts, or have heard in the news recently. This is an especially important conversation to have right now, when coping skills we might have utilized aren't as...

Staying Grounded in Turbulent Times

Grounding is a technique or a skill anyone can use to help keep themselves in the present moment​ when feeling triggered, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. Especially during a time of heightened emotions during COVID-19 and facing unique challenges, grounding is...

Safety Planning in Relationships

Safety planning is a personalized, practical plan that addresses ways to stay safe whether you're in an abusive relationship, planning to leave that relationship, or after leaving. Join us in learning ways to identify pathways to safety and peace. Resources Safety...

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