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Wednesday Workshop: Supporting Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence

The Women’s Center is pleased to announce the launch of our new podcast, which shares topics presented at one of our regular support groups: Wednesday Workshop. While initially geared towards survivors, these sessions share helpful insights for service providers and community members, and all are invited to listen.

Led by Marissa, an Adult Domestic Violence Advocate, and Teresa, Dual Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Counselor, each episode shares strategies to heal and move beyond the trauma inflicted by domestic and sexual violence.

This Week’s Episode:
June 24: Re-engaging with Support Systems

Support Systems – LoveIsRespect.org
Re-engaging with Support Systems Transcript

Past Episodes:
June 17: Reclaiming Your Space

Strengths Exploration Worksheet
Reclaiming Your Space Transcript

June 10: Identifying Your Triggers

Triggers Worksheet
Identifying Your Triggers Transcript

June 3: Understanding Your Values

Personal Values Card Sort
Power and Control Chart
Values Excercise
Understanding Your Values Transcript

May 27: How to Set Boundaries

What Are Personal Boundaries?
Setting Boundaries Worksheet
How to Set Boundaries Transcript

May 20: Self Care & Emotional Safety Planning

Self Care Wheel
Self Care & Emotional Safety Planning Transcript

May 13: Ways in Which We Cope

Coping Skills Worksheet
Ways in Which We Cope Transcript

May 6: Staying Grounded in Turbulent Times

Staying Grounded in Turbulent Times Transcript

April 29: Safety Planning in Relationships

Safety Planning Worksheet
Safety Planning in Relationships Transcript

April 24: History of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

History of Sexual Assault Awareness Month Transcript