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The Women’s Center 24-Hour Hotline recently has been the target of a harassment campaign spreading on social media (sometimes known as the “man in charge” challenge), which has resulted in hundreds of prank calls with harassing and abusive statements that have severely disrupted our 24-Hour Hotline and our ability to provide urgent services to survivors. PLEASE BE ADVISED that these calls constitute “unlawful use of the telephone” under state law (Wis. Stat. § 947.012.) The Women’s Center is reporting calls to law enforcement and may pursue all available remedies under local, state, federal, and international law.

EmPower Luncheon

featuring Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey

Wednesday | April 28 | Virtual

24-Hour Hotline 262.542.3828

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The work we do is only possible through community support. Donate today and provide survivors with life-saving and life-changing programs and services.


 We have events throughout the year including the EmPower Luncheon, Sunrise Speaker Series presentations, A Noteworthy Evening, and more!


We have many volunteer opportunities available at The Women’s Center for both individuals and groups.

About The Women’s Center

The Women’s Center welcomes and serves survivors of all ages, races, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, nationalities, and immigration status, recognizing that their unique experience informs the perspective of each person.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safety, shelter and support to empower all impacted by domestic abuse, sexual violence, child abuse and trafficking.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an engaged community that does not tolerate or accept interpersonal violence and provides abundant resources to ensure futures free from violence.


Wintertime Self-Care

‘Tis the season for self-care! Join Marissa and Jessi to explore ways we can be extra-gentle to ourselves during this time of year.

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Boundaries within a Family Dynamic

Family dynamics are the patterns of interactions that we have with family members. Healthy family dynamics give us a sense of safety within the family unit, and unhealthy or even abusive dynamics may cause harm from a young age into adulthood. Join Marissa and Krystal in understanding family dynamics, and making sustainable choices for yourself that honor your voice in these relationships.

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Coping in Communal Living Environments

Coping looks different for everyone, especially when in a living environment that you might not be used to. Join Marissa and Renee in providing some possible tools that can aid in reducing the stress of your living environment, especially within shelters and...

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Upcoming Events

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
    • 04/01/2021 - 04/30/2021 - #CancelRapeCulture Believe. Support. EmPower.   April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), an opportunity to raise public awareness about sexual violence, including assault, abuse, and trafficking. Here are ways you can get involved: Sign up [...]
  • EmPower Luncheon featuring Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey
    • 04/28/2021 - Individual tickets are $50 - register now using the form below! The EmPower Luncheon honors the courageous voices of survivors, those who advocate for survivors, and those who speak out to effect change. We are very excited [...]

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As 2020 draws to a close, it’s hard to not reflect on everything that happened this year and how it impacted our work. Perhaps the easiest way to describe it is… HARD! Deemed an essential agency during the COVID-19 pandemic and Safer at Home orders, we had to...