Mission & Vision

Written By: Angela Mancuso, Executive Director

July 1, 2019

With an emphasis on the work we do each day, and with a clear eye on the agency’s commitment to meeting needs in the future, the Board of Directors adopted a vision statement and approved revisions to our mission statement in January 2018.

The mission of The Women’s Center is to provide safety, shelter and support to empower all impacted by domestic abuse, sexual violence, child abuse, and trafficking.

The word choices in this statement are intentional: Our programs focus on self-sufficiency, to empower our clients with the support, resources, and referrals needed to both define and achieve their goals on their own. All are welcome – women, men, children, non-binary individuals. And we serve all impacted: recent victims of trafficking, domestic violence or sexual assault, a child witness to violence at home, an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse, or a non-offending parent struggling to support their child after an assault. No one is turned away and all are offered safety, shelter, and support.

The Women’s Center’s vision is to create an engaged community that does not tolerate or accept interpersonal violence and provides abundant resources to ensure futures free from violence.

You can bring this vision to life by continuing to engage with us, refusing to accept violence, and providing time, treasure and talent in support of our mission. We know that change happens in small and in large ways, through little and big shifts, and those changes ripple through the community, creating a more peaceful future for all.