The Journey of Healing is Not a Race.

The journey of healing is not a race, it’s not linear. It throws curve balls. But with the support of The Women’s Center, I discovered the strength within.


Erika, survivor and former client

Erika walked into The Women’s Center to attend our Wednesday Workshop, a bi-weekly support group for survivors of sexual assault. Immediately following the session, feeling empowered by the support and knowledge shared in the group, she asked an Advocate for an individual appointment. Erika was ready. She could see the power and control exerted by her partner, and she wanted out.

In her one-on-one sessions, Erika shared a history of abusive partners, starting with date rape by an early boyfriend. A survivor of both domestic violence and sexual assault, she struggled to process the traumatic experiences she endured throughout the past six-plus years in a healthy way.

Working with her Advocate, Erika identified a wide array of coping skills and grounding strategies to respond to triggers associated with her abuse. Ultimately, she found that the blame was never hers to carry and that she has the power to break her own cycle of abuse. Erika has rebuilt her self-image, found new confidence, and knows she deserves to have a voice in her relationships.

She knows that she matters.

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