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Archive: Blog

Women’s Equality Day

Written By: The Women’s Center staff This year marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment. In 1920, decades after the first suffragettes started their work, the new amendment was ratified on August 18, and eight days later, on August 26, the Secretary of State signed the proclamation ... read more

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Written By: The Women's Center staff In 2013, the United Nations established the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, which is observed on July 30th each year to raise awareness, acknowledge the work being done internationally, and garner support for survivors. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, human trafficking continues in every nation around the globe. Experts believe that the COVID-19 crisis has ... read more

Tribute to Sandy Sommers

This week, The Women’s Center family is celebrating the life of Sandy Sommers, who suddenly passed away on July 14. We grieve the loss of such a remarkable individual and want to pay tribute to her dedicated career serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Sandy joined our team on December ... read more

COVID-19 Message from the Executive Director

Written By: Angela Mancuso, Executive Director On June 15, The Women’s Center began our workplace recovery plan post-Safer at Home order. To figure out the most effective and safest way to offer programming in this new social environment, we decided to return in phases, carefully and thoughtfully, to minimize everyone’s exposure ... read more

Pride Month

Written By: The Women's Center staff In June, The Women’s Center recognizes and celebrates Pride Month, which honors the LGBTQ+ movement, celebrates the freedom to be one’s self, and brings awareness to the inequalities experienced by the LGBTQ+ community. We serve clients from diverse backgrounds and work to create a welcoming, safe, ... read more

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Written By: The Women's Center staff June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and at The Women’s Center, we know all too well that abuse happens to all genders, all races, and all ages, including older adults. Each year, 15 - 20% of the adults we see are over the age ... read more

Being Mindful – Mental Health Awareness Month

Written By: The Women's Center staff May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and here at The Women’s Center, we consistently highlight the importance of maintaining mental wellness for staff as well as clients. With the many uncertainties of today’s environment, we want to take a moment to encourage everyone to ... read more

Helping Prevent Child Abuse

Written By: The Women’s Center staff In addition to being Sexual Assault Awareness Month, April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and by equipping you with information on reporting and prevention, we hope to reduce this pervasive crime in our community.   In 2019, the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families received 5,604 reports of child abuse from Waukesha County. The ... read more

Rape Crisis Response

Written By: The Women’s Center staff The Women’s Center provides rape crisis response through partnerships with area hospitals and health centers, providing on-site, immediate advocacy for survivors of sexual assault who report for a Sexual Assault Nurse Examination (SANE). Currently, we support SANE services at Carroll University, Community Memorial Hospital ... read more

How to Support a Survivor of Sexual Assault

Written By: Angela Mancuso, Executive Director During April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is a focused time to EmPower Survivors by bringing awareness, promoting prevention, and inspiring change. We can all take action, and I’m writing to remind you that during SAAM and always, Your Voice Has Power.   Even as we are social distancing, you can use your voice on social media to improve understanding of an issue that ... read more