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Archive: Blog

Crucial conversations with teens: talking about healthy relationships

Written By: The Women's Center staff Talking with your teen about consent and boundaries is the best prevention against dating violence. And these conversations are critical – 1 in 3 girls in the US is a victim of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse from a dating partner, and 1 in ... read more

Spotlight on Services: Children’s Programming

Written By: The Women's Center staff Experiencing abuse can have serious effects on a child’s mental and emotional state, performance in school, and attitude towards life in general. Here at The Women’s Center, we work to give our youngest clients the care and support they need to process their trauma and heal. We offer comprehensive programming, ... read more

Spotlight on Services: Domestic Violence Programming

Written By: The Women's Center staff  Domestic violence can take many forms: physical violence, sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, economic deprivation, threats, intimidation, isolation. Any situation where a partner is exerting or wielding power and control over the other repeatedly is abuse. This crime knows no boundaries in ... read more

Spotlight on Services: Employment and Life Skills Programming

Written By: The Women's Center staff  Many of our clients have both practical and economic barriers to safety and self-sufficiency. Beyond the immediate safety, shelter, and support that we provide from the first moment a client comes to us, we work to empower and enable them to set and reach their goals of self-sufficiency and ... read more

Ok, let’s talk demand!

Written By: Executive Director Angela Mancuso   I’ve been asked to talk about the past, present and future demand for The Women’s Center services. By the numbers, here’s a snapshot of just a few programs for you on the demand we’ve seen during a ten-year period, between 2008 to 2018, where we ... read more

IRA Charitable Contributions

Written By: Ann Marie Moss, Director of Development & Communications Many of us have individual retirement accounts (IRAs), maybe through our employers or a separate investment company, to make retirement more comfortable. For those of us over the age of 70 ½, we are required to take a minimum distribution from ... read more

Mission & Vision

Written By: Angela Mancuso, Executive Director With an emphasis on the work we do each day, and with a clear eye on the agency’s commitment to meeting needs in the future, the Board of Directors adopted a vision statement and approved revisions to our mission statement in January 2018. The mission of The ... read more

Nutrition & Wellness: Nourishment for Body & Soul

Written By: The Women's Center staff To help those we serve and those who work here make long-lasting nutrition and lifestyle choices that also enhance their well-being, The Women’s Center has established a variety of programs and initiatives related to health and wellness. For our clients, we offer eight-week nutrition workshops several times a year ... read more

Spotlight on Services: Legal Advocacy

Written By: The Women's Center staff In a 2015 study entitled “Supporting Survivors” by the Institute for Policy Integrity, the authors determined that legal advocacy successfully decreases the cycle of domestic abuse. We’ve seen this first hand. The Women’s Center’s legal advocates are available by phone and in-person for clients to discuss their legal rights, ... read more