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New Hope for the New Year

Written By: Angela Mancuso, Executive Director As 2020 draws to a close, it’s hard to not reflect on everything that happened this year and how it impacted our work. Perhaps the easiest way to describe it is... HARD! Deemed an essential agency during the COVID-19 pandemic and Safer at Home orders, we ... read more

Earlier Intervention for Domestic Violence Victims: The Lethality Assessment Protocol

It takes a community to create a holistic support system for victims of domestic violence. To do that, we partner with law enforcement, hospitals, government agencies, and many other organizations and groups.   One of the most impactful collaborative programs in Waukesha County is the Lethality Assessment Protocol (LAP), which we launched with the Delafield Police Department, Waukesha Sheriff’s Department, and the Waukesha County District ... read more

What Makes It Difficult to Leave Abusive Situations

Written by: The Women's Center's Staff When learning about domestic violence, people often ask “why don’t they just leave?” This is one of the most common myths about abuse, and there are many factors that make it difficult for victims of domestic violence to leave an abusive relationship. While it may seem relatively simple and straightforward to us on the outside, the reasons victims stay are usually complex and personal.  Below are some of ... read more

Remembering the Lives Lost to Domestic Violence

Written by: The Women's Center's Staff People often ask us about the purple figures displayed on our grounds in October. The history of these silhouettes is tied to a project called “Remember My Name” started by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and Ms. Magazine in 1994. The purpose of the project was to increase awareness ... read more

What to expect when calling our 24-Hour Hotline

Written by: The Women's Center's staff The Women’s Center’s 24-Hour Hotline provides a critical lifeline to victims of domestic and sexual violence. Last year alone, we responded 7,170 calls – that's almost one call an hour, every hour of every day during the year. Our trained staff and provide:  an outlet for questions for survivors and their family and friends as well as ... read more

The Correlation of Domestic Violence and Systemic Oppression

Written by: The Women’s Center Staff The Women’s Center holds racial justice as a fundamental value and a guiding value to our work. As our country confronts the realities of systemic racism, this year during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are highlighting the fact that domestic violence is directly linked to ... read more

Domestic Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by: The Women's Center Staff October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This year, it is especially important to raise awareness as domestic violence has been reported to be at peak levels across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Waukesha County, dispatchers reported 33.8% more calls about domestic violence incidents and ... read more

Spotlight on Services: Advocacy

Written by: The Women's Center Staff Here at The Women’s Center, we provide holistic, trauma-informed programming for survivors of domestic and sexual violence that emphasizes healing, empowerment, and justice. One of the core ways we do this is through short-term advocacy.  How we provide advocacy  Our advocacy model focuses on crisis intervention and providing one-on-one emotional support for survivors after experiencing domestic or sexual violence. As ... read more


Written By: Susannah, Violence Prevention Advocate “Self-care” is everywhere these days, flooding podcasts and social media feeds with advice, research, and of course, advertising. In our consumer culture, valuable ideas are often diminished or oversimplified in order to capitalize on what is trending. Following suit, “self-care” has become a buzzword used ... read more