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Advancing Advocates Council

Council members and friends beautifying our grounds and play areas at our Advocates Afternoon & After-Party volunteer event, hosted by the Advancing Advocates Council.

Join us to build safer communities! 

The Advancing Advocates Council (AAC) is a committee dedicated to creating awareness of The Women’s Center within the young professional community in the greater Milwaukee area, with an emphasis on Waukesha County. Council members serve, educate, and advocate to further the mission of The Women’s Center.

This group offers unique opportunities to impact our community. AAC members develop service and advocacy opportunities, such a group volunteering events to benefit The Women’s Center’s clients, and serve as ambassadors for the agency in the community. Committee members also plan outreach and fundraising events in order to raise awareness of our mission and services, particularly during the key months of April (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) and October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month).

Members are invited to exclusive networking activities with the Board of Directors and other professional development experiences.

Apply online today! 

If you would like more information, please contact Anna Christensen at Annac@twcwaukesha.org.

Upcoming Events:

Volunteering with the Advancing Advocates Council
Saturday, October 20

Advancing Advocates Council
Craig Cerbins
Renee Pasciak

Sue Adams
Alissa Braatz
Amanda Cruciani
Angie Emrey
Lana Fountain
Megan Glise
Lydia Guell
Kim Kolesari
Lauren Krohn
Jonathan Luljak
Elizabeth Mayer
Christine Richards
Lauren Sanders
Jessica Scherr
Marcus Schmidt
Jeanne Siegenthaler
Jamie Van Wagoner
Samantha Zerbel